The United States will see a shortage of up to nearly 122,000 physicians by 2032  as demand for care continues to outpace the supply of qualified providers.

Association of American Medical Colleges

According to a report published by the Association of American Medical Colleges, the United States will see a shortage of up to nearly 122,000 physicians by 2032  as demand for care continues to outpace the supply of qualified providers. While 12 years still stand between us and that critical juncture, the sobering reality is that many healthcare facilities are already struggling to attract and retain qualified clinicians.

In their efforts to remain solvent in an increasingly competitive environment, many healthcare facilities are turning to alternative staffing methods to fill their vacancies. For instance, in their quest to source qualified physicians, many organizations are relying upon a locum tenens agency to locate the high-potential candidates that are needed to provide care. As a result of this growing collaboration between healthcare organizations and niche staffing firms, many physicians are rethinking their approach to employment and are experiencing a plethora of unanticipated benefits as they partner with an agency’s recruiter.

What is a locum tenens agency?

Simply put, a locum tenens agency serves as an intermediary between a healthcare organization in need of a physician and a doctor that is interested in exploring new career opportunities. Using their arsenal of contacts and their in-depth knowledge of the industry, a locum tenens agency is able to source candidates that not only meet the criteria outlined in the job description but are also a good organizational fit for the facility in need. Successful locum tenens recruiters, like the ones found at Premier Physician Services, only present clinicians to a client when they believe the right opportunity is available. Not only does this approach increase the likelihood of an accepted job offer, it saves the physician and the facility the pain of a seemingly endless search process.

Who should partner with a locum tenens agency?

Any physician that is interested in advancing their healthcare career should consider partnering with a locum tenens agency. Whether the physician is urgently seeking a new position or just wants to explore what other options are available, a locum tenens agency will be able to provide accurate and timely information about the industry’s latest trends. Furthermore, when a physician proactively partners with an agency, they are more professionally resilient when unexpected changes arise in either their personal or professional life. Connect with Premier Physician Services today to begin your partnership with one of the industry’s best agencies.

What are the benefits of a partnership?

When a physician chooses to partner with a locum tenens agency, their career search is benefited in a multitude of ways. The following examples are illustrative of the types of advantages a physician gains when they choose to pursue a partnership:

1. Explore New Places 

Whether the physician is interested in finding a new place to put down roots or just wants the opportunity to experience a new environment, a job with a locum tenens agency provides the opportunity to accomplish either objective. Unlike a vacation where a great deal of time is spent enjoying tourist hot-spots, a contract position with an agency gives a clinician insight into what everyday life is like in the area. The locum tenens will have the opportunity to explore new neighborhoods, find out-of-the-way restaurants and attractions and will undoubtedly discover their own favorite places as they settle into their assignment. Additionally, the physician will have the opportunity to experience a variety of different practice settings. Since assignments can be located anywhere (countryside or metropolis or anywhere in between), the clinician will be able to learn a variety of best practices that will help them succeed in their next assignment.

Physician Benefit: Physicians that choose to partner with a locum tenens recruiter will have the opportunity to experience a variety of environments and practice settings.

2. Confidential Opportunities

Since the recruiters at a locum tenens agency invest substantial amounts of time building relationships with their clients, they are often made privy to job opportunities that have not been publicly shared. While there are many reasons why a healthcare organization would pursue this route, the fact is that physicians that opt to “go it alone” run the risk of never learning about these high-potential placements. Additionally, locum tenens recruiters are able to develop a keen sense for the types of physicians that a healthcare organization needs and wants. Even if a healthcare facility is not actively recruiting for a position, when the right clinician comes along, most hiring managers are hesitant to let a good thing pass them by.

Physician Benefit: Physicians that actively engage with their staffing agency will be the first ones to know about confidential employment opportunities.  

3. Insight into the Organization

Physician-Benefits-of-a-Locum-Tenens-Agency-Blog-ImageA locum tenens recruiter often spends years building a relationship with the hiring manager(s) at a healthcare facility. This strategic investment of time can yield dividends for both the healthcare organization and the physician when it comes time to fill a position. Armed with a knowledge of what is important to the facility, the locum tenens recruiter is able to source candidates that possess both the hard and soft skills needed to be successful in the healthcare facility’s environment. Furthermore, recruiters can use their in-depth knowledge of the client to help a physician determine if the opportunity aligns with their goals and personality. When it comes time for the physician to interview with the facility, a locum tenens recruiter can provide any background information that might be useful in securing the position.

Physician Benefit: Physicians that partner with a locum tenens agency will have all the information they need to be successful during the interview process.  

 4. Feedback

It is always disappointing when a physician goes in for an interview and does not land the job. Without a locum tenens agency acting as an intermediary between the two parties, the physician would most likely never find out the reason why they were not selected. While some facilities will send a form email or make a polite phone call to let the physician know that they have not been chosen, a locum tenens agency will dig much deeper. In an effort to provide their healthcare organizations with the best possible experience, a locum tenens recruiter will most likely call the hiring manager to find out why their candidate was not selected. Whether the needs of the organization changed over the course of the search process or the physician was truly not the right fit for the job, the locum tenens recruiter will be able to gather this information, helping the physician better prepare for the next opportunity.

Physician Benefit: A locum tenens recruiter will find out why a physician was not selected for a job opportunity and will use this information to help them the next time around.  

5. Negotiation Assistance

Successfully negotiating a job offer can be extremely stressful. How does the physician ensure that their interests and goals are being considered? How much is too much to ask for? What is a reasonable amount of give and take? When a physician partners with a locum tenens agency, they have a mediator that will help them navigate this delicate process. Based on their experience with the client and the marketplace, the locum tenens recruiter will be able to advise the physician on whether they have received a fair job offer or not. If the offer is not fair or if it fails to meet certain non-negotiable criteria, the agency will contact the healthcare organization on the physician’s behalf to continue negotiations. Furthermore, an experienced locum tenens recruiter will be able to honestly advise the physician what compromises can be offered to ensure that both the clinician and the healthcare organization are satisfied with the final contract.

Physician Benefit: Physicians that are partnered with a locum tenens agency have a dependable resource that will help them navigate the negotiation process.

Access to a wide array of job opportunities, organizational insight, interview feedback and negotiation assistance are just a few of the benefits that a physician gains when they choose to partner with a locum tenens agency. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of an agency partnership, we invite you to contact Premier Physician Services, LLC. Whether you are looking for an immediate placement or are just interested in learning more about the process, our staffing experts are here to answer your questions and assist you ever step of the way. We look forward to helping make your professional dreams a reality.