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7 Benefits of Locum Tenens Work

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Now, more than ever before, healthcare facilities are turning to locum tenens to compensate for staffing shortages. But why would a clinician want to go through the never-wracking hassle of starting a new job at a new facility multiple times a year? Come along with us as we explore seven benefits of locum tenens work

Top 5 Highest Paying States for Doctors

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And What You Need to Know About Getting Licensed There Whether you’re looking to find your next permanent placement or just want to give locum tenens a try, competitive compensation is always a critical factor in deciding where to work next. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top five highest paying states for

Wisconsin Travel Guide

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For Locum Tenens and Physicians One of the biggest perks of working as a locum tenens or a physician on contract is choosing a location that fits your interests and lifestyle. While it’s tempting to think of big cities as those with the best attractions, the truth is the road less traveled makes for an

5 Benefits of a Locum Tenens Agency

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The United States will see a shortage of up to nearly 122,000 physicians by 2032  as demand for care continues to outpace the supply of qualified providers. According to a report published by the Association of American Medical Colleges, the United States will see a shortage of up to nearly 122,000 physicians by 2032 

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